Well. Sort of.

Hello friends and followers!

Looks out across an empty auditorium, crickets chirping.

So I have good news and bad news.

Bad news is that my KC Database blog is going away.

Well, sort of!

I’ve actually started another blog  (blog.tuningsql.com).  And all my blog entries from here (kcdatabase.com) are likely going to be migrated over there (blog.tuningsql.com).

So the same content should be available, with some changes.

It should be all good changes, though!

  • I plan to blog more frequently, and take blogging more seriously.
  • I plan to increase the number of blog entries towards explaining how things in Oracle work, Oracle troubleshooting/problem solving, new database features, and shiny scripts and queries.
  • I plan to do fewer “useless scripts”….things like trying to write a query that will generate fibonnaci sequences using the model clause, or calculate the golden ratio using recursive CTEs…random theoretical stuff that few people likely care about.
  • I plan to make my blog more “findable” by google and actually pay attention to SEO stuff.
  • The new blog should have better performance in your browser than the old blog.

All good changes I think.

The new site is actually a serious blog and I’m going to try to put work towards it close to every day.

I won’t work on it every day.  But I’ll do work on it a lot more frequently than what I do here.

And btw you won’t see a new blog entry every day I’m working on it–for example I may take 3 different days to write 1 entry.

But I will try to dedicate a serious amount of time to it each day (this won’t always happen because life is unpredictable but I’ll do what I can).

SO!  If a useful blog entry goes missing from here, search for it over on blog.tuningsql.com.  It was probably migrated.

As for the kcdatabase.com domain? I’m not sure what to do with it really.  Eventually I may have it just point to the new blog.  I may allow it to expire.  Not really sure. :/

Check out the new blog! I’m pretty proud of it already, and it’s just in its infancy!!