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Kaley is an Oracle DBA at ABC Financial Services, Inc. He's done database work for a multitude of clients, including Acxiom Corporation, AT&T, United Airlines, Affinity Group Inc., Time Inc., Primedia, Altria, and others.

Searching for Junction Tables in Oracle

If you have two tables that can be joined in a many-to-many fashion (for example, if you have a MOVIES table and an ACTORS table), and you want to find the table that joins the two, it’s easy if the architect used foreign keys.  Below is a modified version of the query used to search for child tables of a given parent table in a foreign-key relationship.  As always, if you don’t have permission to select from DBA_CONSTRAINTS, ask your DBA nicely for the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege or the SELECT_ANY_CATALOG role, or use ALL_CONSTRAINTS instead.


Splitting Rows Out with SQL

Suppose you have the following table:

It looks like this:


But you want it to look like this:

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10 Cool Under-Used Oracle Features

The Multi-In List

Cool because it prevents you from writing a long series of “and”s and “or”s

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